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CPAP Providers and Clinicians
Information for CPAP providers and sleep industry clinicians.

If you are interested in supplying RemZzzs to your customers or patients, please click on the following link: Distributor Program.

If you represent either a DME/HME company, a Sleep Lab, physician, or you work for a physician's office the following information may be helpful.

For further questions, please give us a call at 877-473-6999 or click below to get your free samples right away.

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Clinical Staff

  • Get patient comfortable and compliant early in process.
  • Fix mask leaks, skin irritations before patient gets frustrated and gives up.
  • Save time and money related to unnecessary mask exchanges.
  • Almost all patients using nasal or full face masks would benefit from using the RemZzzs liner.

Location Managers

  • Get CPAP patients compliant and comfortable at time of set-up.
  • Reduce time spent related to mask issues and exchanges.
  • Great marketing tool to build referrals for CPAP.
  • Reduce returns of CPAP because of mask problems.
  • Keep your patient on service to increase revenue.

Sales Team

  • Utilize sample program. Once they try RemZzzs, they will love it.
  • Promote to Sleep Physicians, they will be amazed with the
    increased compliance.
  • Promote to Sleep Labs for titrations and new patient set-ups.
  • Insurers will notice the improved outcomes.
  • A satisfied and compliant patient means more CPAP referrals!